How to get the label

The first step is to assess the situation as regards workplace health management (WHM) at your organisation yourself. Subsequently, independent assessors will review your self-assessment on our behalf. If you're successful, we will award the Friendly Work Space label to your company for three years.

Short test: check your company's WHM status

By providing only a few details as part of an online self-test, you can determine to what extent your company already meets the requirements for the label:

► Friendly Work Space Check


How your company can become and remain a Friendly Work Space  

1) Self-assessment: assess your company on the basis of our criteria

The self-assessment performed by your company provides a detailed overview of your current WHM status and also serves as preparation for the external assessment.

Using our online planning instrument, you can record all of your WHM-relevant activities in an uncomplicated manner and assess their status and quality in accordance with our label criteria.

► Friendly Work Space Self-Assessment

2) External assessment: have your self-assessment checked

As soon as your company has successfully completed the self-assessment, you can register for the external assessment. Approximately two months after you register, two external assessors will visit your company and assess on our behalf whether it meets the label requirements.  

Those companies that successfully pass the assessment are awarded the Friendly Work Space label. The award is presented at the end of October of the respective year as part of a celebratory event in Berne.  

Companies that do not achieve the required number of points have the option of a partial assessment or are granted the interim status «Committed to Friendly Work Space».  

3) Re-assessment: your company will be re-assessed after three years

The Friendly Work Space label is awarded as a licence and your company must be re-assessed every three years. Prior to the expiration of the licence, we inform the respective Friendly Work Space company of the need for re-assessment.