Quality criteria

Together with leading Swiss companies, we have developed six quality criteria for workplace health management (WHM). If these criteria are met by your company, it is eligible for the Friendly Work Space label.  

Friendly Work Space – defined quality standards for WHM

Leading Swiss companies have recognised that WHM allows you to generate competitive advantages. This has led to the need for uniform WHM standards. For this reason, we have worked together with these companies to develop corresponding quality criteria on which the Friendly Work Space label is based.  

The Friendly Work Space WHM criteria are also supported by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and the Swiss Federal Office for Public Health (BAG). In order for us as an independent certifying body to award your company the label, it must meet these criteria.

WHM quality criteria for a Friendly Work Space  

  1. Workplace health management and corporate policy
    The integration of WHM in existing management systems and the perception of WHM as a management task.
  2. Human resources and labour organisation issues
    Creation of personality- and health-promoting working structures and the corresponding structuring of tasks.
  3. Planning of workplace health management
    The formation of a specialist WHM unit and a WHM steering group as well as the definition of objectives and target groups and the provision of information to all employees regarding the relevant WHM plans.
  4. Corporate social responsibility
    The description of the role in relation to stakeholders within the company's environment and the handling of natural resources.
  5. Implementation of workplace health management
    The measures aimed at ensuring healthy working structures and promoting healthy conduct are linked, systematically planned, implemented, evaluated and improved on an ongoing basis.
  6. Overall evaluation of workplace health management
    Internal and external parameters are recorded on a short-, medium- and long-term basis.  

Integrate our criteria in your existing quality processes

The assessment logic of the WHM criteria is based on the total quality approach of the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management). Thanks to this approach, it is relatively simply to integrate the label in existing quality processes.


These companies worked with us to develop Friendly Work Space: