Benefits for your company

With Friendly Work Space Job-Stress-Analysis (FWS Job-Stress-Analysis), you can measure the stress factors in your company. This allows you to intervene on a targeted basis and take preventative measures. Recurring surveys make it possible for you to track how your company is developing. Employees also receive personalised results and tips on how to handle stress.

It is a well known fact that the changes in today's working environment, considerable time pressures and increased demands can trigger stress reactions in employees. It is often difficult, however, to identify exactly how to intervene effectively and take effective preventative measures. This is because, for this to be possible, the stress signals being sent out by employees have to be recognised and the underlying causes identified.

Recognising stress in order to intervene and take preventative action

With FWS Job-Stress-Analysis, we provide you with a scientifically proven, tried-and-tested instrument that gives you a picture of how your employees are handling the stress they face. This is done via an online survey and in a process that requires very little effort, resulting in a detailed overview of the stress factors within a company. The tool is suitable for all organisations with a staff of over 10 people.

Detailed results at departmental and company level

FWS Job-Stress-Analysis provides automatically generated results at departmental and company level. Charts show at a glance

  • how your firm compares with other companies,
  • which departments within your company are facing increased stress levels and
  • where operating resources can help reduce stress factors.

Track how your company is developing

Repeated surveys with FWS Job-Stress-Analysis provide you with longitudinal data, which means you can track how your company is developing.

Employees also receive tips on how to handle stress

Employees receive their individual results immediately upon completing their surveys. Alongside these results, they receive tips on how to deal with stress.

Stress survey available in several languages

FWS Job-Stress-Analysis is available in nine different languages. The questionnaire is available online an in paper-and-pencil format in German, French, Italian, English, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian Spanish and Portuguese. Individual advice for improved stess coping is only offered in the follow languages: German, French, English and Italian.